Use the Silvertown Tunnel delay as an opportunity to rethink

As a legal wrangle between a contracting firm and Transport for London has delayed the start of the Silvertown Tunnel project, Caroline Pidgeon has called on the Mayor to use the delay as an opportunity to rethink this misguided scheme.

Caroline said:

"Both the mayor and TfL are now in the position where they have been blocked from awarding a major contract for the Silvertown road tunnel.

"The mayor now has an important window of opportunity to review whether it even makes sense to proceed with a road building tunnel that will merely generate more traffic and pollution in future years.

"I hope he uses this opportunity wisely and changes his mind. We will only reduce congestion and air pollution in London by investing in public transport, not an expensive road tunnel."

You can read the full story at the 853 blog and in Air Quality News.