Change must now come to US Embassy

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson and vice chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, has revealed that the US Embassy is now owing Londoners £3 million in unpaid Congestion Charges and Penalty Charge Notices.

In response to questions from Caroline Pidgeon, the Mayor of London has confirmed that a month ago the amount owed by the US Embassy for unpaid Congestion Charges was just under £3 million (£2,941,500). In the last month the debt has almost certainly passed the £3 million figure.

Caroline Pidgeon said:
“The amount now owed by the US Embassy to Londoners is staggering. The money, far from being insignificant, would make a real difference: for example funding miles of new cycle routes or numerous improvements to pedestrian crossings.

“A new US ambassador will shortly be appointed following the election of President Obama and I can’t think of a better start to a new relationship between Londoners and the US than a change in policy from the US Embassy. A new ambassador should recognise that it is time to end this long-standing grievance and start paying the congestion charge, as well as paying up for past avoidance.

“Such a change in policy would generate immense goodwill towards the US amongst Londoners and at the same time would set an example to the other 28 non paying embassies, many of which defend their non-payment due to the actions of the US Embassy.”