Lib Dem report reveals massive overcrowding on Croydon trams

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and Vice-Chair of the Transport Committee and Croydon Central Liberal Democrat Campaigner Stephen Dering launched a damning report today into overcrowding on the Croydon Tram network.

73% of respondents to the Liberal Democrat survey highlighted that overcrowding was unacceptable or so bad that they could not board the tram.

The Lib Dem survey included over 1,000 tram users at 12 tram stops across Croydon Central in the early mornings between 9th and 13th February.

Stephen Dering said: “The tram has been a valuable means of public transport in Croydon but some routes have significant overcrowding problems during morning and evening rush hour. People cannot board or are squashed into any spare inch they can find.”

Even Caroline Pidgeon, the Vice-Chair of the Transport Committee, had to wait for another tram when the first one was full at Addsicombe, after she joined Stephen for a morning of surveys.

“65% of respondents believed that the Mayor was wrong to scrap the proposed extension to Crystal Palace. Additional trams running to Crystal Palace would help reduce some of the overcrowding,” added Stephen.

“Caroline and I are going to take up the overcrowding and several other issues with Transport for London including improving safety at tram stops, problems with ticket machines and Oyster cards not working in some areas.”

Download the full report here