Lib Dems take the lead in supporting car clubs

Liberal Democrat councils have the best record of any political party in supporting the growth in car clubs across London.

This week Transport for London granted £1 million of funding to support the growth of car clubs across London over the next years. Less than two thirds of London boroughs actually applied for funding (19 out of 33 boroughs), yet all seven Liberal Democrat councils in London rose to the challenge and successfully secured funding for their boroughs.

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson and Vice Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee said:
“Liberal Democrats have a long standing record of supporting the growth in car clubs. In Islington in particular we have led the way with the borough having the largest ‘Car Club’ anywhere in Europe with 69 vehicles available within the borough boundaries.

"Across London many Labour and Tory run councils are failing to give real support to car clubs. In contast Liberal Democrat councils are giving them total support. I am also urging the Mayor of London to support the use of electric cars in car clubs, based on an electric hire scheme that already exists in Paris.

“When it comes to reducing parking pressures and protecting the environment Liberal Democrat Councils from Richmond to Islington are leading the way.”