Boasting about the ULEZ while building the Silvertown Tunnel is a massive contradiction

Commenting on the newly published report predicting that the Ultra Low Emission Zone will save the NHS around £5 billion over the next 30 years, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“I welcome this report, indeed its positive findings are a powerful case for the Ultra Low Emission Zone being extended even further. It is perplexing that in October 2021 it will go up to, but not actually include the South and North Circular roads.

“However, the Mayor should refrain from boasting about his policies on tackling air pollution when he is stubbornly going ahead with the Silvertown road tunnel, which will inevitably create more traffic and more toxic air pollution in the years ahead.

“Spending £1 billion on a new motorway under the Thames instead of investing in public transport and walking and cycling initiatives is not the way to tackle air pollution.

“There remains a huge contradiction in the Mayor boasting about the positive impact of the Ultra Low Emission Zone and his decision to plough ahead with the Silvertown road tunnel.

“Instead of making boastful claims about tackling air pollution the Mayor should instead publish the PFI contract he has signed over the Silvertown road tunnel – and do so well before the Mayor and London Assembly elections.”