The rising cost of Silvertown Tunnel is a further argument for its cancellation

As the Silvertown road tunnel project was revealed to have increased in cost by £200m compared to what Transport for London claimed in November, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

“Silvertown road tunnel is already turning out to be a hugely expensive construction project and I expect its financial cost will escalate even further.

“Of course the project’s real cost will be even greater because of its impact on the environment. It is a scheme that will generate more road traffic and inevitably more pollution. There are real alternatives to building an expensive motorway under the Thames.

“The project should be cancelled and the money invested in much needed upgrades to the Tube network, such as signalling upgrades on the Piccadilly Line. More money also needs to be invested in walking and cycling infrastructure, including a pedestrian and cycle bridge linking Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf.

“The Mayor must now ensure that the full details of this expensive PFI contract he entered into are published. Londoners deserve to know its full cost.”