Making accessible and inclusive London transport a reality

Launching the London Assembly Transport Committee's report into accessible and inclusive transport, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"Everyone should be able to access public transport and London’s streets easily, comfortably and confidently. Yet we know there are many barriers, visible and invisible, that exclude disabled people, older people and parents with children.

"This report sets out how we can start to tear down those barriers.

"Practical solutions are available and some can be made very quickly, starting with TfL simply putting the fully accessible Thameslink line on the Tube map. Important changes can also be made through better staff training. And while it will take many years to introduce some infrastructure improvements, we should never settle for delays in schemes that have long been planned.

"An accessible and inclusive transport system benefits everyone. This report sets out how we can start to make that a reality."

You can read the full report here.