Police custody and bail during the COVID-19 crisis

Caroline Pidgeon has written to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to understand the force's plans to keep police officers, staff, detainees and the public safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Caroline wrote:

There will be many across London who have concerns over the custody environment and the safety of officers, staff and detainees when it comes to the possible transmission of COVID-19 in these environments.


I also wanted to raise some questions and concerns I had around the issue of bail during the COVID-19 crisis. Some have suggested that wider consideration should be given to the use of bail during the crisis, as it is expected to last for several months at the very least.


I am asking the above questions in the interest of protecting police officers, staff, suspects and those who have potentially been victims of crime. I appreciate that the COVID-19 crisis has raised complex challenges for all services, including the Met, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the dedication and bravery of Met officers and staff at this challenging time.

You can read Caroline's full letter here.