Questions on using police to patrol waste and recycling centres

Caroline has written to the Met Police Commissioner on the subject of potential police resources being used as part of the re-opening of household waste and recycling centres in some boroughs across London.

Caroline wrote:

One option that has been suggested and is being considered is that police officers could be deployed to patrol household waste and recycling centres to support staff in ensuring residents act and queue appropriately and maintain a safe distance.

If officers were to be deployed to household waste and recycling centres in London for this reason, I have several questions:

  • Do you think this is the best use of officers?
  • What other activities and work would officers likely be withdrawn from to help at household waste and recycling centres?
  • How do you imagine this would impact on the wider work of the Met at the present time, which is already challenging?
  • How long do you envisage that officers would be required to help and patrol centres in this way?
  • What work are you doing with London boroughs to develop an appropriate response?

Read Caroline's full letter here.