Scrutinising the TfL bailout

Since the bailout for Transport for London was agreed, so many questions remain unanswered about its implications.

Here are just some of the questions that Caroline has been pursuing:

  • How are restrictions to the Freedom Pass by TfL even possible when it is both administered and funded by London Councils?
  • How will free travel for school children operate if, as proposed by Government, schools start to return after half term?
  • How will the restrictions on travel for people with concession travel be enforced, specifically on buses, where entry though the middle door is set to continue?
  • Can details of the NHS Congestion Charge reimbursement scheme please be provided? Can it also be clarified that the scheme exempts people from being charged in the first place, as opposed to having to claim back and reclaim a payment?
  • On road changes and closures, will any permanent changes require a process of formal consultation and deliberation before any permanent decisions are made?
  • Will there be any other exemptions to the Congestion Charge for care home workers, volunteers and charities working to support their communities and the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic and other key workers?
  • Can it be clarified how long the temporary increase of the Congestion Charge and hours of operation will last for? Will there be a review period after say two or three months?
  • What are the timescales for the transformation of some key roads in London to walking and cycling only streets?
  • Will the roads where traffic is restricted exclude all non-zero emission taxis? This could be a concern, as taxis provide a good level of protection against COVID-19 and there may not be passenger capacity in the existing zero-emission stock in London.