National Carers Week is more important than ever

National Carers Week (8th-14th June) has been more important than ever this year, with many people taking on additional or new caring responsibilities during the coronavirus crisis.

Caroline said:

During National Carers Week, we must take the time to appreciate and understand the sacrifices made by carers across the country, as well as advocating for better financial and emotional support.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in London and across the UK providing unpaid, unsupported care for relatives and loved ones. This is not right.

More people than ever have been thrust into the world of unpaid caring during the COVID-19 crisis and it is essential that we raise the profile of unpaid carers to get them the support that they need.

I particularly think of all those young people whose lives are impacted by caring responsibilities, it is even more essential that our young carers get the support they need so they can flourish and reach their potential.