Supporting London's charity shops as lockdown eases

Caroline has written to the Mayor of London asking him to support London's charity shops through the challenges they face as the lockdown is eased - an expected deluge of donations, and how to clean and "quarantine" them before they go on sale.

Caroline asked the Mayor:

  • What thought has been given to how you, as Mayor, can support and help charity shops in London as we move out of this crisis?
  • Have you spoken to the Charity Retail Association or any London charities to further understand the challenges charity shops have, or expect to have in London?
  • How are you working with and supporting boroughs on the specific issues facing charity shops, including thinking creatively about how charity shops can manage and help support donations in a safe way?
  • Will you use your platform as Mayor of London to share key messages to Londoners on both how they should donate to charity shops over this period and how they should use them when they re-open?

Read Caroline's full letter here.