Supporting the vital work of Sistah Space

Caroline has written to the mayor to advocate for Sistah SPACE Against Domestic Abuse, a Hackney-based domestic violence charity focussed on supporting and helping women and girls of African heritage across London. They have been evicted from their offices, and Hackney Council has asked them to move to a wholly unsuitable premises.

Caroline has stressed to the mayor that it's essential for Sistah Space to remain in the premises they are in, or find alternative, appropriate accommodation so that they can carry on their essential work.

As I am sure you are aware, Sistah Space is a fantastic and unique charity providing specialist domestic abuse support for women and girls of African heritage. I am sure you agree it is essential they have the appropriate facilities to continue their vital work, especially at a time when domestic abuse services are more important than ever, with the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown. Through your VAWG strategy you are funding some of their services in the community.


I hope you can use your considerable influence and levers as mayor of London to try and work with the Council and Sistah Space to achieve one of Sistah Space's preferred outcomes to this situation.

On Windrush Day and with the prevalence and focus on the hugely important Black Lives Matter movement at present, this would be an opportunity for you to demonstrate that black lives really do matter. Let's ensure this charity can operate effectively in suitable premises without the threat of returning to an unsuitable space, which will ultimately impact most significantly on those vulnerable women and girls who receive support from this fantastic charity.

You can sign the petition in support of Sistah Space here.