Caroline's annual report, 2019-2020

Introducing her annual report on her work, Caroline Pidgeon says:

September 2019 feels like a lifetime ago. Many of us thought Brexit would dominate the political discourse this year, but we’ve since had a General Election, and of course COVID-19 came, and with it fundamental changes to our country.

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic I have continued my work as your Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, carefully scrutinising both the Government and the Mayor of London's response to COVID-19 in a constructive way.

I have also continued to listen to Londoners, working to further understand the huge concerns that exist and have been highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as ensuring I continue to work for a greener, cleaner and safer London for us all.

With huge challenges ahead over the next year for Londoners, I hope to continue representing you all in the best way I can.

Read Caroline's report in full here.