Put an end to suspicionless stop and search

After questioning from Caroline Pidgeon about the use of police force against Black Londoners, the Mayor has released figures showing that in January and February of this year Black Londoners accounted for 33% of incidents where force was used, compared to 32% in the same period of 2019.

Caroline said:

"This is a worrying and unacceptable trend, especially given Black Londoners make up 12% of the population.

"The Mayor talks about his 'Action Plan', but things are not happening quickly enough and we are seeing a trend in the wrong direction. We have had so many similar reviews, it is very clear that there are a number of key actions that could be taken immediately to improve this situation.

"A good start in building more trust and better relationships between London's police and the many diverse communities they serve would be to end the practice of suspicionless stop and search, something I and Liberal Democrats across London will continue to campaign for."