Pedestrian safety forgotten at lethal junction

Pedestrians trying to cross the lethal Tiger's Head junction on Bromley Road were left facing yet more danger and uncertainty this week, when London Mayor Boris Johnson failed to give a timeframe for the introduction of pedestrian crossings. Local residents are forced to cross the four-lane junction, which is the site of numerous traffic accidents, without the help of pedestrian lights.

The Liberal Democrats' London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, Caroline Pidgeon, asked Boris Johnson why so little progress had been made to improve safety at the dangerous intersection of Bromley Road and Whitefoot Lane. In his reply, the Mayor failed to offer any timeframe for the urgently needed improvements, saying only that "investigations are on-going."

Local Lib Dem councillor Pete Pattisson said, "We have been asking Transport for London and Lewisham's Labour-run Council to take action on this lethal junction for years. The longer they procrastinate, the greater the risk of further accidents.

"It appears that TfL are putting the maintenance of traffic flow ahead of urgent action to improve pedestrian safety."

Caroline recently visited the junction to see for herself just how dangerous it is. She said, "It is simply disgraceful that pedestrians are expected to cross four lanes of busy traffic with no pedestrian lights to assist them. When local Lib Dem councillors brought this issue to my attention I raised it with Mayor Boris Johnson, and I will continue to lobby him to ensure that promises made to improve this junction are fulfilled as soon as possible."

In January 2006, the former Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone stated that "The design for the scheme to improve pedestrian facilities at this junction is complete."

However, in reply to a question by Caroline Pidgeon in November 2008, the current Tory Mayor said, "Transport for London (TfL) is planning to make improvements to the junction and the latest designs are being reviewed currently. Subject to the outcome of this, TfL estimate that they may be in a position to consult on its plans for the junction in Spring 2009."