Safety concerns at bus garage on Streatham Hill

Lib Dem London Transport Spokesperson Caroline Pidgeon and Streatham Hill Cllr Ashley Lumsden have met managers from Transport for London and the Brixton Bus Garage on the corner of Wavertree Road and Streatham High Road to discuss serious concerns in the area for local residents.

Cllr Lumsden raised a number of serious issues with the bus garage operators which are making the area unsafe and causing problems for local residents going about their everyday lives.

The issues included:

  • Buses doing U-turns in the High Road at the bottom of Wavertree Road, damaging the central reservation, including brickwork damage still not repaired from a year ago;
  • The number of buses waiting at bus stops by the garage, including bus stop W, causing serious congestion and problems for pedestrians;
  • Buses blocking the pavements outside the bus garage entrances; and
  • The terrible state of the space at the back of the garage which is covered in litter and dumped rubbish and could be cleaned up and used as safe and secure parking for staff at the garage, helping local streets to become less congested with drivers’ vehicles.

“Our visit to the bus garage was very productive and the managers seemed to understand the issues that we raised. I hope that we have some positive action from the bus garage over the coming weeks” said Caroline Pidgeon AM.