Victory at last! – Kennington tube is now in both Zones 1 and 2

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on Kennington London Underground station finally changing tomorrow from a Zone 2 station to a boundary Zone 1 / 2 station, said.

“This is a change I have long campaigned for, as the former councillor that represented the tube station. Rezoning Kennington tube formed part of our Mayor of London campaigns in 2000 with Susan Kramer, and then in 2004 with Simon Hughes.

“This is a real campaign victory. Everyone who has supported the change should take real pride in this achievement.

“The case for changing Kennington to 1 / 2 has always been overwhelming. How could Kennington be seen as Zone 1 for the congestion charge and yet Zone 2 for the tube? While it has been a very long time coming, it is wonderful to finally celebrate this change taking place.”

“Sometimes over 21 years of campaigning does pay off!”