A clear plan is still needed to get Crossrail up and running

As the National Audit Office released its report into Crossrail’s 2019 revised schedule and budget, London Assembly Transport Committee Chair Caroline Pidgeon commented:

"It's deeply disappointing that the cost estimate for Crossrail exceeds the funding package. The current estimate is between £30m and £218m above the current available funding to complete the programme, with a middle estimate of £120m over.

"The full line is expected to open in May 2023, with the central section in the first half of 2022, but it seems current funding will be exhausted sometime between July and September 2022. We need assurances about what is being done now to stop Crossrail running out of money.

"The NAO notes that there are still significant issues that could arise as the railway is brought into service. Crossrail and TfL need to ensure they have a clear plan for handing the Elizabeth line over.

"Londoners have waited long enough for this line, they don’t need to deal with further problems once it’s up and running!"