TfL should make Rotherhithe Tunnel restrictions crystal clear

After obtaining figures showing that thousands of motorists are fined every week for driving banned vehicles through the Rotherhithe Tunnel, Caroline Pidgeon has called for Transport for London to focus on prevention rather than fines, by making the tunnel rules as clear as possible.

Caroline told the Southwark News:

“With 76,000 Penalty Charge Notices awarded in the first eight months of this year, at least £5 million in fines, there is no doubt this is a useful income stream for TfL.

“However the real challenge is not merely catching people who have driven through the tunnel in a vehicle that is too wide or too heavy, but instead ensuring greater compliance with the safety restrictions.

“TfL needs to ensure that there is a full review of the signage and information given to drivers on all approach roads to the Rotherhithe Tunnel. The message that only certain vehicles can go through the Tunnel needs to be made crystal clear to motorists many miles before they reach the tunnel.”

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