We need a new approach to funding key services in our capital

Commenting on the Mayor's draft budget for the next year, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"Just before Christmas the Mayor of London set out his draft budget for 2022-23. While painful, the outlined rise in Council Tax seems almost inevitable in the circumstances now facing the capital. When public services are so strapped for cash, the Mayor is using one of the few tools he has, that of raising council tax.

"However, the reality is this is no way to ensure long term funding of the police, fire, and especially transport services in the capital.

"We need a new approach to funding key services in our capital. The Mayor needs to be looking at things like smart road user charging and the Government needs to start treating regional government seriously to prevent the starving of our vital frontline services.

"That must mean London being allowed to raise revenue through other forms of tax other than just regressive council tax, as is the case in capital cities across the world."