The Goverment should fund the upgrade of Boris Johnson's wasteful buses

As Transport for London revealed that £31m needs to be found to pay for a "mid-life refurbishment" of the expensive buses introduced by Boris Johnson as Mayor, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“The expensive Routemaster buses are a legacy of Boris Johnson.

“They were expensive to buy and run, yet against good advice he went ahead and bought them while Mayor of London. One of his last acts as Mayor of London was to even expand the number of these expensive buses.

“He also knew that no other city in the world would ever want to buy them second-hand, so London would have to stick with them for many years to come.

“Having forced these buses upon London it is time he faced up to his legacy and ensured these buses get the critical mid-life refurbishment they now desperately need.”

You can read more at the Evening Standard.