How the ULEZ could be made to work

At People's Question Time, Caroline set out the Liberal Democrats' practical proposals to make the Ultra Low Emission Zone work for Londoners.

Caroline said:

It is really important to clean up the air in London, and we need to make sure this hidden killer that's in our air is tackled, but where I disagree with the Mayor is the speed that he is going at this.

As Liberal Democrats, practically, we proposed two amendments to the Mayor's budget. The first would have doubled the scrappage scheme and made it open to everyone. And secondly, we would have put £50m into bus services in Outer London, because you've got to have a viable alternative.

We are also calling for a scrappage scheme for the southeast, which would help those people who live just outside London.

So we are trying to do everything we can to make ULEZ work so we can clean up the air, and I just hope at some point the Mayor will listen to us.