Chief Executive walkabout

The new Chief Executive at Southwark Council, Annie Shepherd, carried out a walkabout in Newington to see what issues are of concern. She was joined by Councillors James Gurling and Caroline Pidgeon, who toured every street, park and estate in the ward over a Saturday morning. Key issues raised were:

  • the need for security on the Brandon towers
  • planning and enforcement issues on the Walworth Road and De Laune Street
  • A pilot communal satellite TV aerial for Pullens estate, as well as the management of the Pullens Yards
  • Security and environmental issues behind Castle House on the Draper estate
  • Leaseholder issues, especially on Pasley, Newington and Pelier estates

“Annie was really delighted to meet local people as we walked about West Walworth and introduced her to the area. She is now well aware of the issues that matter most in Newington, and we will continue to work with the council to get the resources we need in our area” said Cllr Caroline Pidgeon.