Unfair for Labour and Greens to block a retrospective ULEZ scrappage scheme

Labour and Green Party London Assembly Members voted against the Liberal Democrats' proposal to open the Mayor of London’s ULEZ scrappage scheme to retrospective applications.

An amendment brought forward by the Lib Dem group in the assembly had called on the Mayor to open his scrappage scheme to those who replaced their vehicles between January and the Mayor’s widening of the scheme in August.

Although the Mayor expanded his scheme to all Londoners on August 21st, this was only a week prior to the expansion of ULEZ. The Liberal Democrats have argued that this means that many who would have been entitled to support had already replaced their vehicle with no financial assistance, and has effectively punished those who managed to cobble together the funds to replace their vehicles amid the cost of living crisis without help while rewarding those who waited until the last minute.

Neither the Green Party nor Labour explained why they voted against the Liberal Democrat amendment.

Commenting, Caroline Pidgeon AM said:

“It is really disappointing to see both the Labour Party and Green Party vote against something which is so obviously about fairness and to see the Conservative Party abstain.

“The Liberal Democrats originally proposed opening the scrappage scheme to all Londoners in January and February. If the Mayor had accepted our recommendations then instead of sitting on his hands and doing nothing until the last week, many more people would have received help in scrapping their vehicles.

“We are in a cost-of-living crisis and many Londoners are struggling to make ends meet. It is unacceptable that people who wanted to make the right decision and switch to greener vehicles have been excluded from help.

“Despite opposition from the Labour and Green Party, the Liberal Democrats will continue to call for the Mayor to open up his scrappage scheme retrospectively.”