Political interference in academia would risk undermining public trust

Caroline Pidgeon has called for an investigation into allegations that deputy mayor Shirley Rodrigues asked one academic to modify the conclusion of a scientific report, and another to issue statements supporting the Mayor's policy on the ULEZ.

In the London Assembly, Caroline said:

"We called for an investigation at City Hall into what has or has not happened, in order that we could have more facts – because I think Londoners need to know the facts on this…

"Any report of politicians applying political pressure to change the outcome of a scientific report should worry anyone, in a democratic society. It almost feels like something Donald Trump might do in the States.

"Political interference in academia work would risk undermining the public's trust, not only in politics, politicians, but also in science and scientific studies.

“We think, if political interference has taken place by officers or members of the Greater London Authority, it's a serious risk to the reputation of our organisation as a whole."

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