ULEZ confusion for non-UK vehicles risks serious damage to London's image

New data revealed by the Liberal Democrats has shown large numbers of ULEZ fines to vehicles registered outside of the UK have been left unpaid.

According to the data, 167,663 ULEZ fines were issued to vehicles registered outside of the UK in 2022. 30,520 of these fines (amounting to £4.98 million) were cancelled, but a further 115,048 fines are still open cases – meaning that only 13% of fines issued to non-UK registered vehicles in 2022 have been paid.

Foreign vehicles must be registered with Transport for London when entering the ULEZ: a rule that has little public awareness across the EU.

Commenting, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“It is worrying to see the extent of fines being issued to motorists entering London from the European Union.

“It is very clear that visitors are not being given clear information in advance of entering London and are then being faced with vigorous efforts to collect fines they had not been aware of.

“This information is clearly not being communicated well enough with ferry companies and Eurotunnel.

“If this issue is not solved it risks doing serious damage to London’s image as being open to visitors.”