The Mayor's unfair decision not to provide retrospective ULEZ scrappage support

Caroline Pidgeon has strongly criticised the Mayor's decision not to the ULEZ scrappage scheme to retrospective applications.

The Mayor confirmed his stance following questions that Caroline submitted in October.

The Mayor’s £160 million scrappage scheme was supposed to provide financial assistance for replacing vehicles not compliant with the ULEZ as it expanded to outer London. However, the original scheme that opened in January 2023 was only available to a select group of people. Although the scheme was later opened up to all Londoners this August, it was only done eight days before the ULEZ was extended.

Commenting, Caroline Pidgeon AM said:

“This is the wrong choice by Sadiq Khan. We told him at the start of this year that his ULEZ scrappage scheme wasn’t wide enough, yet he chose to ignore our calls to open up the scheme to all Londoners until the very last moment.

“His dither and delay has now resulted in many families, who are strapped for cash during a cost of living crisis, having to scrape together the cash for a new vehicle without financial support, only then to find out if they had waited a few more months they would have received help.

“I will continue to call on the Mayor to rectify the unfair consequences resulting from the way he has managed the scrappage scheme and to allow retrospective applications for funding from the scheme.”

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