Lib Dems push Mayor to reconsider tram extension to Sutton

The Liberal Democrats have pushed the Mayor to reconsider his decision to drop plans to extend the London Trams network to Sutton should more funding become available.

In September this year, Sadiq Khan binned plans to extend the London Trams network from Sutton to Colliers Wood, which would have connected Sutton both to the wider London Trams network and the Northern Line. Khan blamed the decision on the cost of Covid-19 and the Conservative Government’s stern terms of the post-lockdown financial bail-out for the capital’s transport system.

When questioned by Caroline Pidgeon in the London Assembly, the Mayor stated that he would be willing to reconsider the scheme should funding become available, but that the business case for the scheme would also need to improve. TfL has also cited the impact of inflation on the costs of building infrastructure as a factor.

The Liberal Democrats have stressed that the tram extension should still be a priority for the Mayor, especially in light of his expansion of ULEZ to outer London, including Sutton.

Commenting, Caroline said:

“While I’m pleased to see the Mayor is willing to revisit the extension of London Trams to Sutton should more funding become available, the current situation isn’t good enough.

“Residents in Sutton have been waiting over 20 years for this project to get off the ground. With Labour having expanded ULEZ to outer London, it is even more vital now that Sutton is connected to the wider tube and tram network in London.

“The tram would have unlocked access to jobs, housing and attracted new business and investment into the borough. The Liberal Democrats will continue to push the Mayor to ensure Sutton gets the access to the public transport it deserves."

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