Dial-a-Ride's service level is unacceptable

In January's Mayor's Question Time, Caroline raised the issue of the extremely poor service many Dial-a-Ride users across London are experiencing.

Caroline said:

"Under Sadiq Khan, the number of buses for Dial-a-Ride has been cut by 63%.

“Dial-a-Ride is such an essential service for Londoners with mobility issues. It gives them a level of independence they otherwise might not have and is key to tackling loneliness for many people.

“The reports I’ve been hearing suggest there are major problems with the new booking system for Dial-a-Ride that are leaving residents unable to access the service.

“But the problems are much more longstanding than this. Just in this last month, we’ve heard from disabled residents about being picked up from their Christmas parties just an hour after they had been dropped off. This is something I had already raised in previous years.

“Likewise I’ve had reports of those with sight loss not being picked up at their door for what is explicitly meant to be a door-to-door service.

“The large cuts we have seen to the service since COVID-19 means it is at risk of being hollowed out. While TfL claims this is a response to reduced demand, this isn’t taking into account many aren’t using the service anymore because the problems have caused them to give up on it.

“People with mobility issues are already some of the most vulnerable in our City, suffering from loneliness, yet the crisis in this service has the potential to make that even worse. The Mayor of London urgently needs to step in and ensure TfL is providing the level of service people deserve."

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