Campaigning to ensure Green Lane remains green - and safe

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson and Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, is pushing for a permanent solution to be found to the unsafe junction of Green Lane and High Road which has been plagued for a long time by overgrown shrubbery.

Caroline recently visited the junction at the request of Liberal Democrat Councillors Roger Giess and Julian Heather.

Caroline said:
“The problem with this corner is that the shrubbery keeps growing and makes the junction unsafe as it blocks the views for motorists turning into Green Lane from the High Road. At the same time pedestrians crossing Green Lane have a reduced view of cars turning into the road, making the junction unsafe for them as well."

“A while ago I managed to persuade Transport for London to cut back the shrubbery, but ultimately a long-term solution now needs to be found and this is why the site visit was organised. One good idea would be to grass over the site and plant flowers, as opposed to the current shrubbery which quickly becomes overgrown, creating a serious hazard for both pedestrians and motorists.

“It really should be possible to ensure that this section of Green Lane is green and safe for pedestrians and road users.”

Photo: (left to right): Councillor Daphne Marchant, a TfL officer, local resident Ahmad Ali, Councillor Julian Heather (Streatham Wells ward), Caroline Pidgeon and a TfL landscape officer.