Boris must stop dithering on fares

At today's Mayor's Question Time, Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, criticised Boris Johnson's repeated evasiveness in answering questions about 2010 transport fares in 2010, saying:

"This time last year the Mayor had already told Londoners what the fares package would be for 2009. Now a year later the Mayor seems incapable of even saying when a decision will be announced for fares in 2010. Why is the Mayor dithering on fares?

"It is also disturbing that the Mayor cannot even clarify whether he will honour the long standing arrangement to ensure fares rise by RPI plus one per cent – which should lead to fares being slightly cut next year.

"Having hit Londoners hard with fare rises of 6% this year, the Mayor now needs to provide clear assurances to Londoners that he will honour his side of the bargain and not break the formula for setting fares.”

Caroline also told the Evening Standard:
"The Mayor cannot pick and choose when he decides to follow the long-standing formula for setting fares ...

"At a time when many Londoners are facing difficult economic times, it would be unforgivable for the Mayor to break from the formula and push fares up next year."

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