Brent poorly served by four of London’s worst bus routes

Caroline Pidgeon's questioning of the mayor has revealed that almost half of the capital's worst bus routes run through Brent.

The 79, 114, 226 and 228 – all of which run through Brent – all fell within the ten worst performing routes in London, Boris Johnson admitted in a written answer to Caroline.

The routes were identified based on the length of time people have to wait over and above the published, expected frequency of service.

Brent's Liberal Democrat Transportation spokesperson, Councillor Daniel Brown, said:
“I’m shocked to hear that not only is the Mayor letting Brent's tube travellers down badly by allowing weekends where all three major tube lines in Brent are closed for overdue works, but also that nearly half of London’s worst performing Bus routes run through Brent too.

“If Boris is going to close our tube lines he needs to make sure there is an adequate bus service in the borough to allow people to get about. It’s clear by his own admission that he’s failing to do that. The residents of Brent are rightly furious.”