Student Politics Day at Lilian Baylis School

On Tuesday 25th September Vauxhall Parliamentary Spokesperson Caroline Pidgeon joined Oval ward Cllr Rob Banks at a politics day at Lilian Baylis School in Vauxhall. Year 9 students held an assembly with representatives from some of the different political parties, before dividing up into small groups and focussing on the policies and ideas of each of political party. Rob and Caroline were grilled by the students on issues such as Lib Dem education policy, what Lib Dems would do for the environment, and international issues such as the war in Iraq and Darfur.

"It was fantastic to spend a few hours talking to young people about a wide range of issues. The students were very interested in votes for 16 year olds and what job opportunities we would create. Congratulations to the teachers and the students for a fantastic and engaging day" said Caroline Pidgeon.