Southeastern's Olympic cuts to train services challenged

Caroline Pidgeon has sharply criticised Southeastern's plans to scale back local train services during the 2012 Games. Commenting on Southeastern's proposals to reduce the frequency of some train services and to even remove some stations from their timetable, Caroline said:

"Ensuring more people can get into London to visit Olympic venues will of course create challenges for Southeastern, however Southeastern's approach to tackling these challenges is completely wrong. Putting on extra carriages and extra staff at stations is the best way to ensure that the needs of local commuters and visitors are both met, while ensuring a reliable service is also maintained.

"Southeastern must listen to the outrage they have created amongst residents in Greenwich and Deptford and back down over their completely daft proposals."

You can see more about Southeastern proposals at ITV London Tonight and in the NewsShopper here and here. A number of detailed reports about Southeastern's proposals can also be seen at the excellent blog 853. You can read 853's original article here.

853 also has a followup, including full details of the timetable, and a video of ITV's report, here.