Cross River Tram plans under review

The future of the Cross River Tram is under threat, as revealed by questioning from London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon.

Boris Johnson stated that he will be reviewing the transport, economic and environmental implications of the Cross River Tram because there is no Government funding in place for the scheme.

Caroline Pidgeon, Transport Spokesperson for the London Assembly Liberal Democrats, said:

"It is of huge concern that the new Mayor is reviewing the Cross River Tram scheme. The proposal is extremely popular in communities throughout South London. As a new, inexperienced Mayor, he should be listening to what Londoners want.

"South London is in dire need of improved transport links. By crossing the river, the tram would also encourage new links between North and South London.

"The Mayor needs to work urgently with TfL to find a way to fund this much-needed scheme. Boris Johnson’s refusal to make a firm commitment on the Cross River Tram is very disappointing. Liberal Democrats on the Assembly will continue to press the Mayor to make the tram a priority."