Cable car is still failing Londoners

Commenting on figures from TfL showing that the Thames cable car has been closed 69 times between July 2012 and April 2013 - not including a week's planned closure in March, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

"These figures show just how unreliable the Thames cable car is as a form of public transport.

"If a year ago anyone suggested that the Thames cable car would have to close for over 216 hours in its first nine months of operating they would be accused of wild scaremongering.

"Questions have to be asked as to whether it was built to a satisfactory standard if it has to close so regularly. Around the world other cable cars are able to provide a far more regular service.

"The Mayor promised Londoners that the Thames cable car would not involve a penny of taxpayer's money and that it would operate as a proper form of public transport.

"Both these promises have been totally broken."

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