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Reporting back – Autumn 2021

Caroline Pidgeon and Hina Bokhari have published their Autumn report. Read about the issues they have focused on recently, including:

  • The building safety crisis
  • Diversity and inclusion in politics and wider society
  • London's flooding risk and the need for a joined-up plan
  • Air quality and the disastrous impact of the Silvertown Tunnel
  • Standing up for EU citizens
  • Misconduct and vetting in the Met

Reporting back – Spring 2021

Caroline Pidgeon's report about her work so far in 2021 is out now, and you can read about

  • The Mayor's budget: a missed opportunity
  • The cladding and fire safety scandal
  • LGBT+ History Month in February and the campaign for an HIV / AIDS memorial
  • Supporting a trial of Universal Basic Income in London
  • The lack of progress in making London's transport fully accessible
  • The disproportionate impact of the pandemic on disabled and vulnerable Londoners

Read about all these topics and more in Caroline's full Spring 2021 report.

Reporting back – Autumn 2020

In Caroline Pidgeon's report about her work over the autumn, she highlights:

  • Standing up for residents and leaseholders facing a range of issues related to the cladding and fire safety scandal
  • Pushing the government to reinstate funding for LGBT+ anti-bullying projects
  • Campaigning to ensure the travel network remains accessible, with Covid-safe guided and physical assistance

...and more!

Read Caroline's full report here.

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