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We need a new approach to funding key services in our capital

Commenting on the Mayor's draft budget for the next year, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"Just before Christmas the Mayor of London set out his draft budget for 2022-23. While painful, the outlined rise in Council Tax seems almost inevitable in the circumstances now facing the capital. When public services are so strapped for cash, the Mayor is using one of the few tools he has, that of raising council tax.

The Mayor needs to step in and listen to Pride concerns

Caroline has written again to the Mayor of London, urging him to meet with those expressing concerns about Pride in London.

Caroline said:

The importance of Pride to our city, our country and the LGBTQ+ community cannot be overstated. It is essential that the Mayor steps in and looks at what action is needed to restore confidence in the organisation from all in the LGBTQ+ community.

Enforcing the law on e-scooters

In October's Mayor's Question Time, Caroline questioned the Mayor of London on enforcement and awareness of the law around private e-scooter use on London’s public roads and pavements – which remains illegal. Caroline got the Mayor to agree to several actions.

No excuse for continuing to restrict Freedom Pass travel

The London Assembly has unanimously backed Caroline Pidgeon's motion calling on the Mayor to reverse the restrictions that prevent Freedom Pass holders using their pass in morning peak hours.

Caroline said:

“The suspension of concessionary travel for 60+ Oyster photocard and Older Person’s Freedom Pass holders before 9am on weekdays was supposed to be only a temporary measure, yet it is still in place 15 months after it was first introduced and with no indication as to when it will be finally lifted.

Lessons must be learnt after Wembley chaos

At Mayor's Question Time, Caroline raised the issue of the chaotic Euro 2020 final scenes at Wembley.

Caroline said:

I was particularly disturbed to hear the experiences of some disabled fans. I’m glad a review is taking place into what happened.

Lessons must be learnt.

When will Crossrail eventually open?

In the London Assembly, Caroline questioned the Mayor on progress with Crossrail, and the continued uncertainty as to the opening date and the total cost.

The Mayor confirmed that he expects the opening to be “in the first half of next year” and the final cost is yet to be determined…


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