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Publicly funded promotion agency needs to be more accountable

Caroline Pidgeon has called for more transparency from "London & Partners", the publicly funding tourism and promotions agency.

The London Assembly agreed a motion on 22nd February calling on the Mayor to use his position as the largest contributor to L&P's budget to ensure there is greater accountability.

Caroline said:

“London & Partners has a vital job to do in continuing to promote London in a highly competitive world.

“We should not be complacent over the number of tourists that choose to visit London.

Vulnerable children in London are waiting too long for the Met to improve

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and campaigner for better child protection, commenting on the fourth report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) on the record of child protection investigations undertaken by the Metropolitan Police Service commented:

“It is disturbing that 15 months after the first highly critical report was published, shortcomings are still rife in child protection investigations undertaken by the Met.

Cycling vision is under funding pressure

Caroline Pidgeon joined other London Assembly Transport Committee members, and the mayor's cycling commissioner Will Norman, to tour central London's cycling infrastructure on two wheels and see at first hand conditions for the cycling public.

Caroline said:

"The Mayor clearly has a vision for cycling, but it may face pressure from Transport for London’s squeezed budget following central government cuts, the fare freeze and falling revenue from commercial activities."

Scrutinising the Mayor's draft budget

In January's Assembly session, Caroline grilled the Mayor on his plans to sell off crossrail trains and lease them back from private companies. She also took aim at TfL's overambitious passenger fare estimates in the Mayor's Draft Budget 2018.

Mayor's Question Time, January 2018

In January's Mayor's Question Time, Caroline Pidgeon pressed the mayor in detail on how the Metropolitan Police are addressing weaknesses in their child protection service.

Unofficial statements about London Plan need to be questioned

Writing at the MayorWatch website, Caroline Pidgeon cautions that the Mayor's office is sending out press releases about a London Plan that is in the drafting process and will not be completed until autumn 2019.

Caroline asks the media to ask critical questions about what they read:

"For a start, all the media reports in the last week have been based on a document that has not even been published until today."


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