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Holborn Gyratory cycling proposal is a big step forward

Caroline Pidgeon has responded to Transport for London on their plans for improving cycling safety at Holborn Gyratory – currently one of London's most dangerous junctions.

In consultation with the London Cycling Campaign and others, Caroline broadly welcomed the proposals as a significant improvement, while highlighting a few areas that still require attention to ensure a safe enviroment is delivered.

Thames floating nightclub plan is terrible for the human and natural environment

Caroline Pidgeon has written to Newham Council, strongly opposing the licence application for a floating nightclub on the Thames, as a serious noise nuisance to residents all along the river, a threat to the Thames's ecosystem, and a precedent for more disruptive super-yachts.

"It is unconscionable that this application should be approved", said Caroline.

Transport issues on Streatham High Road

Caroline joined Cllr Matthew Bryant and Lib Dem campaigners Alex Davies and Julian Heather to meet Transport for London and local residents on Streatham High Road, looking at plans for changing pedestrian crossings.

It was a good meeting with lots of input and strong feelings about alternative ideas.

Londoners should not pay with peace and quiet for City Airport's plans

Caroline has responded to London City Airport's ongoing consultation, voicing strong concerns over their proposals to create additional passenger capacity and extend their operations at weekends.

Caroline said:

Londoners should not pay with peace and quiet for shortcomings in London City Airport's business model. The Liberal Democrat Group remains opposed to any expansion or changes in hours or operation at LCA.

ULEZ expansion must go hand in hand with a scrappage scheme and public transport investment

Caroline Pidgeon has written to TfL, formally responding to their consultation on extending the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone to become Londonwide.

Caroline said:

This policy must go hand in hand with a wide-ranging scrappage scheme including mobility credits and a comprehensive package of investment in public transport in outer London.

Is Barking Riverside the end of the line for major TfL projects?

Caroline Pidgeon has warned that the newly opened Barking Riverside extension of the London Overground could be the last ambitious project by Transport for London in the foreseeable future.

Caroline told the BBC:

"I have a fear that whilst this is an amazing project, this is kind of the end of the line for some of the major TfL projects.

Inflation does not justify a permanent and steep hike in fares

As the Mayor warned that London transport fares may rise by 10% in January, Caroline Pidgeon underlined the serious negative impact this would have for Londoners. Caroline told the Evening Standard:

“A 10 per cent rises in fares at a time of a national cost of living crisis would be incredibly painful for many households. I am especially concerned about any rise in bus fares which would especially hit many people on low incomes.


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