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London Assembly takes a stand against Heathrow night flights

The London Assembly today sent a clear message that they are totally opposed to any attempt to allow night flights during the 2012 Olympic Games or at any other time.

A unanimously agreed motion urged Mayor Boris Johnson to write jointly with the Chair of the London Assembly to the Secretary of State for Transport and his relevant counterparts in the opposition parties to express their concerns.

Caroline Pidgeon AM, who amended the motion, said: "Many more Londoners than you might expect are affected by night flights. For example recent research from HACAN suggests that half of the top 12 boroughs affected by night noise are in east or south London.

“If night flights are allowed for the Olympics, it could set the precedent for the future. This motion sends a clear message that the London Assembly is against the derestriction of night flights and relaxation of noise controls.”

Test driving the latest Tube train

As part of the London Assembly's work on the passenger experience on the underground, Caroline Pidgeon, Chair of the Transport Committee, went to Old Dalby, near Loughborough in the East Midlands on Thursday 12th November to see one of the new Metropolitan Line trains at a test track.

"It was quite extraordinary to arrive in the middle of the countryside in the East Midlands and to see a brand new London Underground train sitting there!" commented Caroline.

Hornsey Health Centre needs better bus links

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined Lynne Featherstone MP out in Hornsey to campaign for better bus links to the new Community Health Centre on the old Hornsey Central Hospital site.

Whilst the new Health Centre is very much welcomed, Transport for London completely overlooked that it would bring with it more people wanting to travel to it.

London Lib Dems slam the government on Freedom Pass cuts

London Lib Dems have reacted angrily to news that the concessionary fares scheme in London will be cut by £29m this coming year.

It is yet another clear sign that Gordon Brown has given up on London, choosing to sacrifice capital seats for marginals elsewhere in the country.

London taxpayers have always paid for the Freedom Pass, which covers pensioner travel on all forms of transport. But when the Government introduced the national free bus scheme, they agreed to contribute to the cost and cover journeys made by tourists and neighbours.

Dial-A-Ride "relaunch" leaves users cut off

Recently Caroline Pidgeon highlighted failures in TfL's Dial-A-Ride service for disabled Londoners.

In October, TfL "relaunched" the service - and published a new phone number to report any problems. But two weeks after the relaunch, this feedback line still has not been connected, leaving users with no way to tell TfL about any issues with Dial-A-Ride.

Caroline Pidgeon said:

If the Mayor simply ensured that Dial-a-Ride users were listened to he would not make the insulting claim that Dial-a-Ride's service is continuing to improve.

It is already bad enough that Dial-a-Ride users face extensive delays in booking trips but now every day 400 trips are refused to Dial-a-Ride users across London - a figure far higher than two or three years ago.

Freedom Pass cuts - a double whammy for Londoners

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson and Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, commenting on the Department of Transport’s new consultation on the national bus concession in England, which proposes to remove almost £29 million of funding for London’s Freedom Pass, said:

“After Boris Johnson’s decision to hike bus fares by 20% Londoners now face a double whammy with this savage cut in funding for the Freedom Pass.

“London is the only major city in the country to be hit by these Government proposals. Hard up London council taxpayers, who are already facing a steep rise in fares, will now have to pay even more in their council tax to maintain London’s Freedom Pass.

“This is an outrageous proposal by the Labour Government who are insulting London’s pensioners, disabled people, as well as council taxpayers across the capital."

Petition to save the threatened Freedom Pass

Plans uncovered by London Councils show Government proposals to cut funding for the popular Freedom Pass - the scheme that gives older people and disabled residents free travel across London.

The government plans to seize £50 million from London to shore up funding gaps in other parts of England. Unlike other parts of the country that receive 100% of the costs of the free travel scheme, in London local council tax payers pay a third. These government cuts would reduce that support to 50%.

Metronet needs an independent watchdog

Responding to this morning's announcement that the Mayor of London will appoint a panel to monitor the progress of London Underground in managing the Metronet contracts for upgrading the Tube, Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat Transport spokesperson and Chair of the London Assembly's Transport Committee said:

"It is appalling that Boris Johnson will be judge and jury in this case by being allowed to appoint all the members of a supposedly "independent" panel to monitor London Underground's work. These Panel members will have to be approved by the Transport Minister, but if in a few months the minister happens to be a Conservative, where's the independence in that?

Caroline joins cross-party campaign for better access to Finsbury Park station

Caroline joined local campaigners in Islington on Monday 26 October to support the launch of their access to Finsbury Park station campaign.

The Mayor of London has announced the deferral of many step free access schemes at various tube stations all over the capital including Finsbury Park in Islington.


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