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Small businesses cannot afford congestion charge delay

The harmful effects of the western extension of the congestion charging zone were seen at first hand by Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, on her recent visit to the Portobello area. The fact-finding visit was organised by local Liberal Democrat campaigner Carol Caruana, who was keen to update the London Assembly on the impact of the extension on local shops and market stallholders.

After the visit Caroline commented:
“For a long time I have been aware of the harmful effects of the congestion charge extension, however there is no substitute for seeing first hand the harmful impact it is having. Trader after trader told me how they lost business since the congestion charge was extended. The congestion charge extension could not end sooner for businesses in this area.

The East London Line extension - brilliant news for Southwark and south London

Today’s announcement of the go ahead of the East London Line extension has been described as “brilliant news for Southwark and south London” by Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson.

Caroline commented:
“Having campaigned so hard for the extension to go ahead I am delighted that this day has now arrived. This is simply brilliant news for Southwark and south London.

“The extension will dramatically improve transport links for many people in Southwark, but also in Wandsworth, Lambeth, South Bermondsey and parts of Lewisham.

Action not words needed to tackle excessive TfL bonuses

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Transport Assembly spokesperson, commenting on Boris Johnson’s reply to her questioning about TfL bonus payments for senior managers, said:

“It is extremely disappointing that that the Mayor is not willing to give a firm commitment to curtail the bonus culture within TfL. The salaries and especially the bonus payments for senior TfL managers are excessive and it is time that they were drastically cut. Boris Johnson’s promise to merely ‘review’ the situation falls far short of what hard pressed passengers expect of the Mayor.

TfL's double standards which insult every Londoner

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, commenting on recently revealed salary and bonus payments made to senior TfL staff, said:

“An organisation with such a poor performance in so many areas should not be paying such a large number of managers basic salaries of over £100,000.

“Passengers on overcrowded tubes and buses who are now facing steep fare increases will find these salaries and bonus payments deeply insulting. These are double standards which insult each and every Londoner."

TfL should take care in docking pay over snow leave

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, commenting on the announcement by TfL that London Underground ticket office might have to take unpaid leave or a day’s annual leave for not getting to work last Monday said:

“Transport for London should take great care in how they handle this situation and they should deal with each case on an individual basis. Working from home is hardly an option for these workers and many were of course affected by TfL’s decision to stop the buses running. Some staff also faced extra difficulties due to the schools closing with no advanced notice.

“As an act of goodwill TfL dropped the congestion charge last Monday for motorists. The same goodwill should be shown in how they treat ticket office staff who faced the same exceptional circumstances as everyone else.”

Improvements to Lambeth bus service welcomed by Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, has received assurances from Transport for London (TfL) that significant improvements will take place on an important Lambeth bus route.

Caroline took up the issue with TfL after concerns were raised by local residents and Liberal Democrat councillors. She has now been informed by TfL that the 59 bus route that runs from Streatham to Euston bus station, via Brixton station, Lambeth North station and Aldwych, will see far more buses running northward. The improvements should take place towards the end of the year.

TfL dithering over dangerous Catford junction

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat Assembly Transport spokesperson, recently visited the Tiger’s Head junction on Bromley Road in south Catford to discover at first hand how dangerous the junction is.

After visiting the junction and being briefed by Downham councillor Julia Fletcher she said:
“The extensive delays to improving this junction were brought to my attention by local Liberal Democrat councillors last Autumn and in November I raised the issue with a question to Boris Johnson.

“For many years Transport for London have known full well just how dangerous this junction is, especially for children, some of whom need to cross the junction to attend a local school. It is simply disgraceful that pedestrians are expected to cross four lanes of busy traffic with no pedestrian lights to assist them.

Boris Johnson makes pledge on East London extension to Caroline Pidgeon

Boris Johnson has suggested that negotiations to allow the East London Extension to go ahead are now close to completion. Responding to repeated questions from Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, the Mayor stated that he was “confident” it would go ahead, claiming that “we are on the threshold of greatness” and that “we are almost there”.

Caroline Pidgeon, who is the Liberal Democrat Transport Assembly Spokesperson, said:
“After so many years of waiting it is incredibly exciting that we now appear to be so close to a deal being agreed to allow the go ahead of this much needed transport project.

Mayor agrees to look at Lib Dem transport proposals

Boris Johnson, at today’s London Assembly debate on the Mayor’s draft consolidated budget, agreed to carefully examine proposals put forward by the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group on tackling fare evasion and the introduction of a one-hour ticket for bus use.

On fare evasion Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson said:

“It is good news that the Mayor has accepted that far more should be done to tackle fare evasion across the whole transport network. Transport for London estimate that fare evasion is costing at least £70 million a year, which is a bill every honest traveller is paying through higher fares or a lack of investment in new transport.


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