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Upper Street - we're sick of sprinting!

Islington campaigners want action from Transport for London on what they say are ludicrously short crossing times at a busy Upper Street junction, where Islington Park Street and Canonbury Lane join the main road.

Last Friday, Liberal Democrat campaigner Bridget Fox brought GLA Transport Vice-Chair Caroline Pidgeon to see for herself. And Caroline has pledged her help in raising the issue.

Bridget says, “We timed the green man at just 5.2 seconds. Perhaps TfL think that crossing the road in Islington should be an Olympic event?”

Lib Dems force Streatham High Road rethink

Traffic officers have been forced to do a last-minute rethink of plans for Streatham High Road following a protest by Liberal Democrat GLA member Caroline Pidgeon, supported by local Liberal Democrat councillors.

With work due to begin on Monday, it emerged that a plan to improve conditions for pedestrians by widening the pavement is instead going to narrow the pavement and make it more crowded.

Following a site meeting this week with Caroline and Lib Dem ward councillors, officers from Transport for London agreed to look again at their proposals.

Turning waste into fuel

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, was briefed on the innovative work of Uptown Oil when she visited the Southwark company earlier this week with the London Assembly Transport Committee.

The company collects used vegetable oil from London restaurants and processes it into 100% recycled biodiesel at its premises on King James Street. The company is London’s only licensed biodiesel manufacturer and produces between 6,000 to 10,000 litres per week.

Your views matter - Croydon tram users' survey

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, made an early morning visit to Addiscombe’s tram stop to take part in an extensive survey of tram users that local Croydon Liberal Democrats are now conducting.

Caroline was invited by Stephen Dering, the Liberal Democrat Croydon Central parliamentary candidate, to the launch of the survey, which started early this week. The survey is seeking to find out people’s views on a wide range of issues relating to the whole tram network.

Caroline, who is vice chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, said:
"This is an important survey. The views of tram users really matter. This survey is a key way of ensuring that concerns of tram users are heard by Transport for London and that improvements are made."

Bus stops are not an optional extra!

Caroline Pidgeon AM, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, is set to question Boris Johnson over the absence of bus stops on Ladbroke Grove despite a brand new local bus route having just started.

Caroline Pidgeon has now tabled a question to the Mayor, urging him to ensure that Transport for London provides at least one bus stop and shelter to serve residents who want to make use of the new 228 bus service.

The lack of a bus stop on Ladbroke Grove on the bus route heading from the station to Shepherds Bush and the Central Middlesex Hospital was brought to the attention of Caroline Pidgeon by local Liberal Democrat campaigner Carol Caruana.

After visiting Ladbroke Grove and seeing for herself the unusually long distance that exists on Ladbroke Grove without any bus stop, Caroline Pidgeon said:
“I recognise that a few local residents objected to there even being a bus route, however this is no justification for the bus route not now providing a proper service to the far larger number of residents who rely on public transport.

Small businesses cannot afford congestion charge delay

The harmful effects of the western extension of the congestion charging zone were seen at first hand by Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, on her recent visit to the Portobello area. The fact-finding visit was organised by local Liberal Democrat campaigner Carol Caruana, who was keen to update the London Assembly on the impact of the extension on local shops and market stallholders.

After the visit Caroline commented:
“For a long time I have been aware of the harmful effects of the congestion charge extension, however there is no substitute for seeing first hand the harmful impact it is having. Trader after trader told me how they lost business since the congestion charge was extended. The congestion charge extension could not end sooner for businesses in this area.

The East London Line extension - brilliant news for Southwark and south London

Today’s announcement of the go ahead of the East London Line extension has been described as “brilliant news for Southwark and south London” by Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson.

Caroline commented:
“Having campaigned so hard for the extension to go ahead I am delighted that this day has now arrived. This is simply brilliant news for Southwark and south London.

“The extension will dramatically improve transport links for many people in Southwark, but also in Wandsworth, Lambeth, South Bermondsey and parts of Lewisham.

Action not words needed to tackle excessive TfL bonuses

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Transport Assembly spokesperson, commenting on Boris Johnson’s reply to her questioning about TfL bonus payments for senior managers, said:

“It is extremely disappointing that that the Mayor is not willing to give a firm commitment to curtail the bonus culture within TfL. The salaries and especially the bonus payments for senior TfL managers are excessive and it is time that they were drastically cut. Boris Johnson’s promise to merely ‘review’ the situation falls far short of what hard pressed passengers expect of the Mayor.

TfL's double standards which insult every Londoner

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, commenting on recently revealed salary and bonus payments made to senior TfL staff, said:

“An organisation with such a poor performance in so many areas should not be paying such a large number of managers basic salaries of over £100,000.

“Passengers on overcrowded tubes and buses who are now facing steep fare increases will find these salaries and bonus payments deeply insulting. These are double standards which insult each and every Londoner."

TfL should take care in docking pay over snow leave

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, commenting on the announcement by TfL that London Underground ticket office might have to take unpaid leave or a day’s annual leave for not getting to work last Monday said:

“Transport for London should take great care in how they handle this situation and they should deal with each case on an individual basis. Working from home is hardly an option for these workers and many were of course affected by TfL’s decision to stop the buses running. Some staff also faced extra difficulties due to the schools closing with no advanced notice.

“As an act of goodwill TfL dropped the congestion charge last Monday for motorists. The same goodwill should be shown in how they treat ticket office staff who faced the same exceptional circumstances as everyone else.”


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