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ULEZ consultation is the right step in tackling pollution

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on today’s announcement of a consultation on extending further the Ultra Low Emission Zone, said:

“I welcome this consultation. While there are many important details that need to be addressed, the extension of the ULEZ is ultimately necessary. Air pollution is not a problem that stops once someone crosses the North or South Circular Roads.

Legalised e-scooters need tough regulatory standards and proper law enforcement

As the government announced its plans to legalise private e-scooters on public roads, Caroline Pidgeon warned of the need for tough regulatory standards - including an acceptable speed limit, and safety measures such as lights.

Caroline stressed:

“Most importantly, it is vital that e-scooters remain illegal on pavements and that the police properly enforce the law in this area.

“The needs of pedestrians and especially blind people must not be overlooked.”

Get permanent anti-terror barriers installed on central London's bridges

As Transport for London shelved its plans to install permanent anti-terror barriers (Hostile Vehicle Mitigations) on central London river bridges, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"It is bitterly disappointing that this vital work is no longer going ahead. The proper maintenance of London bridges is being compromised.

Battersea Park Road changes must meet the needs of cyclists and the disabled

Caroline Pidgeon has submitted the London Assembly Liberal Democrats' response to Transport for London's proposed walking & cycling changes on Battersea Park Road. Caroline highlighted the lack of sufficient measures for cycling safety and the removal of disabled parking bays as major issues with the current proposals, and pressed TfL not to proceed with the plans in their current form.

Caroline said:

The mayor needs to address facts, not ridicule Silvertown Tunnel opponents

Speaking to the 853 website, Caroline Pidgeon points out that the Mayor is regularly evasive over the facts that he claims support the case for building the Silvertown Tunnel.

Caroline said:

“Back in June Sadiq Khan made the absolute claim that the 108 bus was the most unreliable bus route in London. Yet when he made that claim there were 85 other bus routes in London with a higher excess waiting time than the 108.

Catalytic converter theft has soared to worryingly high rates

The London Assembly Liberal Democrat Group has obtained figures showing soaring rates of catalytic converter theft across London, with Barnet and Hillingdon the worst afflicted boroughs.

Group leader Caroline Pidgeon said:

“A crime that hardly existed in 2017 soared in 2019 and remains at worryingly high levels across much of London, with gangs most recently targeting cars in Barnet, Enfield, Ealing and Hillingdon.

TfL needs a long-term financial settlement, not another non-solution

As another emergency funding deal for Transport for London was put in place, London Assembly Transport Committee Chair Caroline Pidgeon stressed the need for a proper permanent settlement. Caroline said:

"This is welcome news, but these continued delays to a long-term solution are not useful, and TfL is not a political football. For the sake of TfL’s capital and revenue, a permanent deal needs to be in place.

Scrap the Silvertown Tunnel!

Campaigning with health workers against the Silvertown tunnelLib Dem London Assembly Members Caroline Pidgeon and Hina Bokhari joined London healthcare workers calling for the environmentally disastrous Silvertown tunnel project to be cancelled.

Caroline said:

We need to clean up London’s air. The Mayor needs to scrap his polluting Silvertown road tunnel!


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