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Procrastination over TfL funding is damaging for everyone

As the government's financial straitjacket forces Transport for London into the largest fare increases in a decade, London Assembly Transport Committee Chair Caroline Pidgeon said:

"While the PM is on his "levelling up tour", a desperate bid to distract from a scandal-ridden Downing St, his government forces the largest fare increases in London for a decade.

The Goverment should fund the upgrade of Boris Johnson's wasteful buses

As Transport for London revealed that £31m needs to be found to pay for a "mid-life refurbishment" of the expensive buses introduced by Boris Johnson as Mayor, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“The expensive Routemaster buses are a legacy of Boris Johnson.

“They were expensive to buy and run, yet against good advice he went ahead and bought them while Mayor of London. One of his last acts as Mayor of London was to even expand the number of these expensive buses.

Bus service cuts are affecting passengers all across London

After obtaining figures from Transport for London showing that 41 different bus routes have seen service cuts during 2021, London Assembly Transport Committe Chair Caroline Pidgeon said:

“These reductions are not just affecting central London, as TfL claims. People from Ealing Broadway, Golders Green, Romford and Stamford Hill are just some of the Londoners affected by these cuts.

The Government must ensure sustainable long-term funding for TfL

Caroline Pidgeon has written to the Secretary of State for Transport and the Minister for London, stressing the importance and urgency of finding a sustainable long-term financial solution for Transport for London.

Caroline said:

"It is time TfL was no longer treated like a political football.

"TEL should be allowed to maintain a full range of services and properly plan ahead. This is vital for Londoners, the capital's economy and the country.

E-scooters on the transport network: safety needs to come first

After an incident when an e-scooter caught fire aboard a Tube train, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“Clearly if there are safety concerns re private e-scooters then this needs to be addressed.

“Safety has to come first on the transport network, and given private e-scooters are illegal on public land, this seems to be a sensible move.”

Read the full story in the Evening Standard.

Let's all recommit and work to reduce barriers to accessibility

Marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"On International Day of Persons with Disabilities let's all recommit and work to reduce the barriers faced by people with disabilities.

"For example, much of our transport network remains inaccessible. I'll continue to work for a more accessible network, including more step-free access stations and continue my work with RNIB and others to ensure every station platform has tactile paving.

How can TfL's £12m bonuses possibly be appropriate?

As the news broke that Transport for London is offering £12 million in bonuses to senior executives this year, London Assembly Transport Committee chair Caroline Pidgeon said:

How can anyone consider it appropriate to look at bonuses for senior staff at a time like this?

Boris Johnson’s Government will now use the prospect of bonuses as another stick with which to punish Transport for London and the millions who rely on its services.


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