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Transport Secretary needs to take responsibility for rail failings

As the London Assembly Transport Committee completes its investigation into the causes of the huge rail timetable disruption that started with the Thameslink services in May, committee chair Caroline Pidgeon has written to the Transport Secretary, setting out the structural and organisation problems in the industry and calling for real responsibility and action from the government.

Enforced upgrade to Dial-a-Ride is very welcome

Caroline welcomed the news that the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone will force Transport for London will to finally replace the old buses that make up most of the Dial-a-Ride service.

Caroline told MayorWatch:

“Having so many Dial-a-Ride vehicles which are 15, 16 and even 17 years old clearly indicates that there has not been sustained investment in the Dial-a-Ride service.

The whole rail industry needs to learn from timetable chaos

Caroline talked to London Live about the lessons the whole rail industry needs to learn from the timetable disruption caused by theThameslink changes in May.

Caroline exposes the Mayor's broken promise on TfL tree planting

Sadiq Khan’s past promise that he will deliver a substantial tree planting programme for the whole of London is being broken, with his answers to Caroline Pidgeon's questions revealing that Transport for London (TfL) no longer even has a dedicated budget for tree planting along its extensive road network.

The new policy of TfL is in complete contrast to previous years, when hundreds of trees each year were replaced and new trees planted along TfL’s extensive road network.

Westminster Council is tinkering at the edges on Oxford Street

Caroline Pidgeon has criticised Westminster Council's plans to go it alone with a watered-down plan for Oxford Street, rather than fully pedestrianising it.

Caroline said:

“For a long time Westminster City Council had a constructive working relationship with TfL. Suddenly they think that they alone can transform Oxford Street.

Remembering the mountain of unused cash on Oyster's fifteenth anniversary

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the 15-year anniversary of Oyster said:

“There is no question that Oyster has been an incredible success. It has made travel more convenient and provided real flexibility for millions of people.

“It is now so established that it is hard to believe how we managed before its creation 15 years ago.

The mayor needs to roll up his sleeves and tackle TfL's excessive payouts

Caroline Pidgeon has challenged Sadiq Khan to take a seat on Transport for London's remuneration committee and take ownership of preventing issues like the £50m spent on severance payments to departing staff last year.

Unlike the previous mayors, he has refused to join the committee.

Caroline said:

“The mayor of London is ultimately in charge of Transport for London yet Sadiq Khan has adopted a strange trick of distancing himself from the organisation when it conveniently suits his political needs.


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