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The coverups about No 10 and Tory HQ parties just make it worse

Caroline spoke to London Live about the continuing revelations of parties in 10 Downing Street and Conservative Party HQ. Caroline said:

"The more that comes out about Party Gate and the more Johnson tries to cover it up the worse he makes it – especially for those who’ve suffered the most over the past 2 years.

Enforcing the law on e-scooters

In October's Mayor's Question Time, Caroline questioned the Mayor of London on enforcement and awareness of the law around private e-scooter use on London’s public roads and pavements – which remains illegal. Caroline got the Mayor to agree to several actions.

Questioning the Met Commissioner on the Daniel Morgan case

In addition to questioning some members of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel, Caroline also questioned the Met Commissioner on the serious implications of the case.

There are still many more questions to be asked around the handling of this case, and on wider issues of corruption.

Lessons must be learnt after Wembley chaos

At Mayor's Question Time, Caroline raised the issue of the chaotic Euro 2020 final scenes at Wembley.

Caroline said:

I was particularly disturbed to hear the experiences of some disabled fans. I’m glad a review is taking place into what happened.

Lessons must be learnt.


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