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Crossrail's non-standard platforms will be a burden to disabled people

Caroline talked to Rail magazine about the frustrating Crossrail platform design which will leave disabled people unable to get onto trains step-free at suburban stations.

The new platforms at central stations have been built 20cm higher than the standard, which will leave an upwards step for passengers who board trains at the existing stations on the east and west of the route.

Caroline said:

Charity Commission needs to properly investigate the Garden Bridge trustees

Caroline has urged the Charity Commission to fully investigate whether the trustees of the Garden Bridge project properly met their duty of care, after the cancelled project wasted £46m of public money.

Caroline said:

The Charity Commission claims its hands are largely tied, yet there is now clear legal advice that the trustees might have breached their duty to act with reasonable skill and care.

Why Heathrow deserves a more thorough debate

Writing for Liberal Democrat Voice, Caroline points out that the issues around the third runway at Heathrow have not been properly discussed, and that the campaign against it needs to go on.

So let’s be absolutely clear, despite the thumping vote in favour of a third Heathrow runway the arguments against a third Heathrow have not been addressed

Many of the arguments in favour are outdated, most notably the obsession with hub airports.

Transport Secretary needs to take responsibility for rail failings

As the London Assembly Transport Committee completes its investigation into the causes of the huge rail timetable disruption that started with the Thameslink services in May, committee chair Caroline Pidgeon has written to the Transport Secretary, setting out the structural and organisation problems in the industry and calling for real responsibility and action from the government.


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