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Meeting voters in Surbiton

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined Assembly Candidate Emily Davey, local councillors and campaigners Ash, Neil Houston and Frances Moseley out and about in Surbiton on Tuesday talking to local residents about the London elections.

"We received a fantastic response in the high street to our campaign for fairer fares and improved policing in London" said Caroline.

Campaigning in Sutton

Caroline spent Saturday 21st April out and about in Sutton with London Assembly Candidate Abigail Lock, Paul Burstow MP, Tom Brake MP and Cllr Ruth Dombey.

“We had a great day talking to shoppers in Worcester Park and out knocking on doors of local residents across Sutton” commented Caroline

Campaigning in Bromley

Caroline joined local Assembly and Bromley Town by-election candidate Sam Webber out and about in Bromley on Monday.

The team knocked on doors and talked to local people about their concerns in the area including policing, licensing and anti-social behaviour.

Campaigning in Haringey

Caroline joined local Lib Dem Councillors and Assembly Candidate Dawn Barnes out knocking on doors in Stroud Green ward on Thursday followed by carrying out a bus survey about the W3 bus at Finsbury Park.

The route is officially the most complained about in London, with TfL receiving over fifty complaints from passengers in a four week period last autumn. Liberal Democrats held their own survey session at Finsbury Park bus station to find out why the bus route attracts so much criticism.

Caroline Pidgeon was joined by Haringey London Assembly candidate Dawn Barnes, Liberal Democrat leader on Haringey Council, Richard Wilson, and a number of other Lib Dem members. The survey asked whether there were enough buses at rush hour, whether there were enough buses at the weekends and if there were problems with the countdown displays.

Campaigning for One Hour Bus Tickets in Westminster

Caroline joined local Assembly Candidate Layla Moran and local Lib Dem campaigners in Westminster on Sunday, campaigning for a One Hour Bus Ticket and knocking on doors.

“We had a great response form local people in Bayswater who love our ideas to make transport fares more affordable with our One Hour Bus Ticket, Early Bird Fares and part Time Travelcard” commented Caroline.

Out and about in Kensington and Chelsea

Caroline joined local Assembly Candidate Layla Moran and local Lib Dem Councillors Carol Caruana and Tim Jones and local Lib Dem members out talking to residents in Colville Road, near Portobello market.

The team got a great response and local residents clearly appreciate their hard working local council team!

Out and about in Earls Court

Caroline joined local Assembly Candidate Layla Moran, Cllr Linda Wade and local residents to discuss the huge issues with the planned Earl’s Court development.

There are clearly really serious concerns particularly about the impact on local transport infrastructure including the roads and the tube, which TfL and the Boroughs do not seem to be taking seriously.

Out and about in Hammersmith and Fulham

Caroline joined local Assembly Candidate Layla Moran and the local Lib Dems out and about in Hammersmith and Fulham on Sunday. Caroline joined the team knocking on doors in Askew ward and talked to local residents about various concerns

Campaigning in Lewisham

Caroline joined local Assembly candidate John Russell, Cllr Chris Maines, Cllr Julia Fletcher and local members out and about in Lewisham on Friday. The team started in Catford talking about our campaign for a One Hour Bus Ticket, and finished in Downham knocking on doors in the thunder and rain!

Campaigning in Camden Town and Primrose Hill

Caroline joined local campaigner Chris Richards, who is standing to be the local councillor for Camden Town and Primrose Hill on 3rd May, as well as our local Assembly Candidate looking at issues in the area. The team were shocked to see so much dumped rubbish on the streets, which Labour Camden are clearly not dealing with effectively.

“We had a good evening talking to local people about their concerns in the Camden Town area” commented Caroline. Nick Russell, the Lib Dem's local London Assembly candidate, also joined the team door knocking.


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