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Political interference in academia would risk undermining public trust

Caroline Pidgeon has called for an investigation into allegations that deputy mayor Shirley Rodrigues asked one academic to modify the conclusion of a scientific report, and another to issue statements supporting the Mayor's policy on the ULEZ.

In the London Assembly, Caroline said:

"We called for an investigation at City Hall into what has or has not happened, in order that we could have more facts – because I think Londoners need to know the facts on this…

Unfair for Labour and Greens to block a retrospective ULEZ scrappage scheme

Labour and Green Party London Assembly Members voted against the Liberal Democrats' proposal to open the Mayor of London’s ULEZ scrappage scheme to retrospective applications.

An amendment brought forward by the Lib Dem group in the assembly had called on the Mayor to open his scrappage scheme to those who replaced their vehicles between January and the Mayor’s widening of the scheme in August.

Mayor's bus announcement is pre-election smoke and mirrors

Responding to Sadiq Khan's announcement of electric buses in Sutton, City Hall Liberal Democrats have accused the Mayor of using smoke and mirrors tactics ahead of next year’s London elections and of trying to hide the extent of cuts to bus services across London under his administration.

A previous Freedom of Information request by the Lib Dems showed that since Sadiq Khan came to power in 2016, his administration has presided over 19.3 million kilometres of cuts to bus routes in the capital.

Commenting, Caroline Pidgeon said:

Video recording all stop and searches is a must

Caroline Pidgeon's questions to the Mayor have revealed that since January 2022, the Met have conducted over 6,000 stop and searches without the required video recording.

Caroline said:

“We have seen over the last few decades how the disproportionate use of stop and search has led to decreased levels of trust between the police and communities. Stop and search is still being used three times more on black people in London than it is on white people.

More needs to be done to promote electric car clubs

Caroline Pidgeon has raised concerns with the Mayor over the lack of availability of shared electric cars, which has contributed to London's poor rating for "clean transport" compared to many other European cities.

Caroline said:

The Mayor must do more to promote the use of electric car clubs in order to improve London's zero-emission mobility and to prevent further car club operators from leaving the market.

ULEZ scrappage scheme expansion is long overdue

Responding to the expansion of the ULEZ scrappage scheme, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and Transport Spokesperson Caroline Pidgeon AM said:

"It's about time the Mayor listened to the Liberal Democrat calls for an expanded scrappage scheme.

"Whilst we welcome the Labour Mayor at last listening, he could have saved Londoners a lot of stress and worry in the cost-of-living crisis if he had accepted our budget amendments in January and February.

Pushing for electric taxi hubs

In the London Assembly, Caroline pushed the Mayor to do more to help the taxi trade to set up Electric Vehicle taxi hubs at stations and rest/refreshment ranks – an issue that Caroline had previously raised a year ago, supporting London Cab Drivers Club. The Mayor agreed to help break through the bureaucracy standing in the way of this.


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