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Mayor should focus on Tube funding, not pre-election gimmicks

As Transport for London admitted that daily disruption on the Central line is likely to continue until the summer, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"The Mayor of London needs to focus less on pre-election gimmicks and more on the day job. Funding the Tube network properly needs to be a priority.

"We have already seen warnings this sort of disruption could spread to the Northern, Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines if this issue is not gotten to grips with."

ULEZ scrappage data shows that the scheme should have been extended wider, earlier

The latest data on the ULEZ scrappage scheme shows that only 40 per cent of applications have been accepted so far.

The Liberal Democrats have pointed out this is yet more evidence that the Mayor should have accepted their Budget amendment last year that would have opened the scheme to everyone from day one, without means testing – and furthermore, that the current scheme should be open to retrospective applications.

London transport must be sustainably funded

Caroline Pidgeon has welcomed the freeze in London transport fares for 2024, but warned of the need to ensure that Transport for London has stable and sustainable funding.

Caroline said:

"Any fare freeze is obviously good news for those reliant on public transport in the midst of an inflationary crisis.

"However, many will be wondering why they had to wait until an election year to take place.

Shoplifting epidemic is now out of hand

As the cost of shoplifting in London over 2023 was estimated at £110m, Caroline Pidgeon stressed the need for the Metropolitan Police to go "back to the basics" and invest in community policing.

Caroline said:

“The increase in shoplifting across London is unacceptable.

"The Met Commissioner and Sadiq Khan need to get to grips with a problem that is quickly becoming endemic. The fact that the rate of shoplifting has risen so much in London compared to the rest of the country is a real concern.

Save Wimbledon and Teddington police stations

In the wake of Sadiq Khan's intervention last year to keep Uxbridge police station ahead of the by-election there, Caroline has asked the Mayor to step in and also save Wimbledon police station from closure, as well as ensuring Teddington police station is retained for community use.

The Elizabeth line needs urgent improvements by Network Rail

Caroline Pidgeon has pressed the Mayor for answers about the chaos on the Elizabeth line on 7 December, where hundreds of passengers were left stranded in trains after a power outage, and had to wait up to five hours to be evacuated.

Caroline said:

"We urgently need Network Rail to carry out the necessary infrastructure improvements in West London to prevent further delays and disruptions to the Elizabeth Line.

"Customers' faith in the line has already been undermined by repeated disruptions."


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